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Maverick Industries Ltd is in operation because of you. Our customer choices, requests and referrals determine our product line, our services and our viability. Without you - our customer - we have no business!


What makes us Mavericks is our skill and attitude about customer relations. From management to employees, we understand that the products we make, design and deliver are more than just steel structures. We design superior steel solutions.

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Services Include:







Products Include:



STRUCTURAL STEEL - Beams & Teleposts



Staircases, Handrails, Catwalks,

Access Ladders, Bollards, Signs

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Maverick Industries, as it’s name implies, sets the bar in structural steel. Kyle Wiebe and his team of professionals specialize in welding and steel fabrication across all markets.


Our company has built a strong reputation in the construction market by putting emphasis on respect for our clients, suppliers, and employees. We offer strong project management, high quality of work and our employees focus on service and quality above all else.


Maverick Industries caters to a wide range of clients from residential  requiring custom stairs or railings to commercial contractors with large scale structural steel or miscellaneous metal needs.


Maverick Industries Ltd. is a Division 2 CWB certified company

and is certified to CSA Standard W47.1

Access Credit Union • Morden / Winkler, MB

Bungee Altona • Welding Piles • Altona, MB

Rosetown Co-op Fertilizer Tower • Rosetown, MB

St Joseph Museum • St Joseph, MB & Shredding Facility Addition • Carman, MB

Custom Stair and Handrail Projects

Other Custom Projects

Metal Welding Building by Maverick Industires
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Leaders In

Steel Construction,
Design & Fabrication


Industrial, Commercial & Residential

Maverick Industries Slogan - Steel Welding Expertise you bond with

Winkler Police Station • Winkler, MB

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CWB Certified CSA W47.1